Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Night of Debauchery

So you may remember that I will be attending a beach wedding in just a few short weeks for my best friend Shannon and her soon-to-be hubby Garrett.

Well this weekend I threw her a Bachelorette Party. And it was a total success. Check out some of the highlights.
The night started at my house, and then we all got ready and went downtown to eat at Dizzy's. (BTW--the food at Dizzy's is amazing.) Then we headed to Willy D's for a some drinks and music.
Logan bought Shannon a shot. It was blue, and it tasted not good. Doesn't she look excited about the night ahead? Lot of shots were consumed on her part. Something about her screams I'm fun...buy me drinks. I think it's the crown.

So she had shots and beer. And life was good. Everyone was so happy.

My mom and I had a photo shoot while people were getting drinks at the bar cause we're cool like that.

Then we moved into the piano bar area to try to get Shannon on the stage so they could sing to her. But they did much more than sing. Shannon, along with three other girls, had to pick people from the audience that they didn't know to participate in song. Shannon cheated and found a guy she knew in college to be her partner. And then the competition began.

First they had to dance like it was the 80s.

Then they had to do the twist.

Each time a couple was eliminated. But Shannon remained til the last dance off. And what kind of dance off was it, you ask? Oh, it was a lap dance.

The guy had to give the girl the "lap dance of her dreams" on stage in front of the entire bar. And then this happened.
Boy took off his shirt. Shannon was laughing so much. It was too funny. People were going crazy. And they ended up winning the competition.

Just goes to show you that a good guy friend will give you a lap dance when it comes to bar dance competitions. Pure craziness. It was awesome. And hilairious.

On a completely unrelated note, I have started a new book and bought a book to take the Shannon's beach wedding. (Well to read on the beach, not during the wedding.)

I started The Hunger Games yesterday, and I'm totally hooked. I'm saving Once a Runner for beach reading and beach relaxation time.

Do you have any funny Bachelorette/Bachelor Party stories?

What book are you dying to read right now?
~~~I can't wait to go home and read the rest of The Hunger Games. It's going to be one of those books I can't put down. And I love it when that happens.

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