Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Crown that Lasts Forever

Happy Birthday Alpha Sigma Alpha!!!

110 years ago five amazing women came together to create the most beautiful sisterhood, ritual and values ever created for a Greek organization. And who would have thought I would share those secrets, sisterhood and values with such amazing women of poise and purpose.

I was the 1,547 Alpha Sig at UCA. I am 1547. I will always be 1547.
This was me on bid night when I got to the room. I was pumped. And whenever I think about this night, I still get misty eyed. I know, I'm such a girl.

This was my pledge class new member class SPRING 07!!!! BEST CLASS EVER!

It seems so crazy to think my three and a half years of Alpha Sig are over. But the best part is it's not really ever over. I've met so many wonderful people and became friends with people I would never trade for any reason. And that is such a beautiful thing.

Today is our Founder's Day. I am celebrating the creation of an organization I'm so proud to be a member of. As a little ole freshman, I made one of the best decision of my life: Alpha Sigma Alpha.

So today, and every day, I will remember why Alpha Sig is so important to me. And I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization that helped shape me into the person I am today.

To fill my days with satisfying activity.
To find dominant beauty in art, literature, nature and friendships.
To know the peace and serenity of a divine faith.
To love life and joyously live each day to its ultimate good.
This is my creed in Alpha Sigma Alpha.
~Wilma Wilson Sharp

Aspire. Seek. Attain.

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