Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Has Thrown Up Everywhere...And I Love It

Last week when I said I need to be a professional Christmas tree decorator, I meant it. And now I will show you proof as to why I think I need to work in November only.
This is my cousin Ashley's Christmas tree. I started decorating her tree three years ago when I realized she had no idea what to do with deco-mesh. I basically took apart her entire tree and redid it. And I've been doing it every Christmas since then. I absolutely love the top of her tree. Deco-mesh is super fun to work with, and I love the sticks coming out of the top.

My mom and I have yet to get deco-mesh for our family Christmas tree. But we do have some pretty awesome ornaments from over the past couple of years. I'm not in love with the silver gray bow on top, but it will have to do this year. Next year, we will have puffy deco-mesh. We will.

This is the first year I've talked my mom into decorating the mantle. And I'm still not sold on the design, but we work with what we have. A Christmas cookie plate, an iron angel and a hand-painted-by-me Santa circa 1997. (P.S. I've had that pink stocking since I was born. Rocking the tradition.)

Like I said I wasn't/am not sold on the decor for the mantle. So when I got back to Little Rock and the nearest Hobby Lobby, I made the executive decision to make something new. And I came up with this.
Now I got the saying "True love was born in a stable" off Pinterest. But the design is all me. I don't do pretty, perfect art. If I can't have room for mistakes (like mixing green and red to make some icky gray), it becomes too much pressure and I don't ever like the end creation.

But I'm quite fond of the messy polka dots and icky gray. It just feels right. And that's how I know I got it. Plus my mom loved it.

Christmas at my house is quite a big deal. The roommate and I go all out. See.
Two mini Christmas trees, a Santa, Christmas balls in a bowl, a Snowman teapot and a Christmas scented candle. Not pictured is the garland around the tv, one reindeer stocking, one penguin stocking, three feather "decorative" Christmas trees on the kitchen table, a Santa on a horse figure in the computer nook, a festive Christmas tree rug in front of the kitchen sink AND umpteen Christmas inspired coffee cups.

So....Who wants me to decorate their house for Christmas? Any takers? (I can tone it down if I need in your house won't look like mine.)

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