Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All That is Important

I ran 4.5 miles this weekend with my mom and some of her super awesome running buddies Kerri and Lisa. I got to wear my new long sleeved running shirt. I felt legit.

The downside to legitness came when the run was over, and I took off my fleece headband thingy to evaluate my hair.
In my defense, that is not all sweat. It was very foggy that morning so condensation played a big part in the making of this rat's nest.
The fog was so thick it didn't really lift after the sun came up. (Yes, I said when the sun came up...meaning that I got up before the sun to go run in the freezing cold.)

Fog is super creepy. All I could think about was someone jumping out of the fog and chasing us. Clearly I have a problem. My brain works too hard when it comes to thinking up crazy scary senarios. I still blame Criminal Minds.
My friend Jodi has the cutest baby in the history of all the babies.
It's crazy to me how five months ago we were all waiting to see that cute little face. I lub her so much it's a little stupid.
I ran again yesterday. Still preparing for my upcoming 10K. I've got two weekends left for long runs. (BTW--anything longer than 3 miles is a long run to me at this point.)

Distance: 3.0 miles
Time: 37:38
Best Pace: 10:29
Average Pace: 12:33
Calories: 317

This weekend I will run my first 5 miles since the last one. Next weekend I will run 5.5 miles. And then next weekend is the race. And I will run 6.2 miles...a personal record for me. So it's getting down the wire with it all. But I'm excited.
I made soup last night. I'm pretty sure it's the best soup in the world. Thank you Clean Eating Chelsey for creating something so wonderful.
Broccoli, potato and white bean soup is probably my favorite soup this season. I have a feeling the roommate and I will be eating lots of soup this fall/winter.
Kroger had my most favorite flower in bulk. So I had to get some to brighten my house.

Tulips are the most beautiful and happiest flowers. I love all the different colors, but I'm a true sucker for red tulips with the yellow centers. I swoon.

Did I leave anything out?

How was your weekend?

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