Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eggos and Breakfast Burritos

First off, I'd like to start the day by saying that I need Eggo waffles and breakfast burritos in my near future breakfast routine. My current routine consists of sleeping as last as possible therefore forcing me to forgo a satisfying breakfast.

This morning I've had: A cup of coffee (that should be multiplied by three), a very small baggy of multi-grain Cheerios and a Luna bar (which I will likely save for later in the morning so I won't want to punch anyone out of hunger).
Saw this really awesome horse dog at Starbucks the other day. He had dreads. And he came up to my rib cage. And he was the sweetest dog ever.

I ran again. I'm still not on a schedule I like. And what I mean by that I'm not sure. When I have to skip to accomodate for my Thursday night class, it just messes everything up. (Probably because I've become too lazy to get up early on a Friday morning and just run my little heart out. But in my defense, there was a lot of good movies on the tube.)
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 39:25 minutes
Best pace: 9:05
Average pace: 12:43
Calories: 331

In case you are curious about graduate school, I took a photo of an activity we did last week so you guys will know what I'm dealing with in that place.
The tallest paper/tape structure won prizes, and it just happened to be my group that won. HOLLA!!!

This activity was geared toward creative thinking....(Cricket. Cricket.) Ummmm.....I thought I already was a creative thinker. I mean I make wreaths, paint things, make up recipes...Oh wait. That doesn't count because it's stuff I actually like to do. So this project was a necessary to get the school-related creative juicies flowing.

P.S. I won a set of chattering teeth. You know the gag gift kind of chattering teeth. They are so loud. And perfectly straight. And spiritual white.

How was your weekend?

What kinds of breakfast foods have you been craving lately?

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