Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How To Do Things You Should Already Know Wednesday

What up everybody? Hope you have been having a fantastic day.

Today's Things You Should Know Lesson is:

How to Tie a Tie
Now it seems easy, but I feel like it will be tricky. But we ladies need to know how to tie a tie because 1.) our man candy of choice may need a neck tie tied before he starts his new desk job and 2.) it's just plain impressive.

So I'm gonna get to perfecting that little tidbit of information and file it back for future reference. And I'd think it'd be good for you to do the same.

For the other HTDTYSAKW, look here and here.

In other news:

I got my new tooth. (Sounds so depressing to be excited about that...YAY New Tooth Day! *cough cough...lame* but now I can eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner like a normal human instead of crazed horse...ok it wasn't that bad. But I can now use the left side of my mouth to consume cakes, cookies, pies, chips, Cheez-Itz, broccoli, pasta, etc. etc....You get it.)

I have yet to start the thesis proposal, but it will happen today. And by start I mean organizing the research would be a step up from where I am which is nothing. Hopefully writing the dang thing can start over the weekend.

***Content more relevant to your everyday lives will be coming your way in the near future...So you are welcome. You are welcome. (I'm not ashamed. Learning to tie a tie is important, as is my new tooth.)***


  1. My tips for writing a thesis:
    1. Write an outline
    2. Insert appropriate research into said outline
    3. The more you insert research the more you will see that it ends up resembling a well organized paper.
    4. Plus it allows you to skip around and stay organized and not get stuck on one part of the paper.
    5. After you finish inserting all of your research remove all of the items that resemble an outline (numbers, letters, roman numerals)
    6. Edit from the beginning.

    TADA! Thesis..

  2. Clearly an awesome "shortcut" to thesis writing. I am currently writing the proposal to tell my committee what I plan on writing about. Just 6 little pages that I can't push myself into doing. :/