Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Something to Tide You Over

  • The Boyfriend fell asleep while we were talking on the phone last night. One minute we were talking, the next he was out. Clearly we were having a scintillating conversation. It's actually pretty funny when I think about
  • My guest post for Arkansas Women Bloggers' Foodie Friday comes out Friday. So exciting. I can't wait for everyone to have access to the Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Bake.
  • I'm running 5 miles with my mom tomorrow. Pretty excited about getting to spend the day with her. There has been talk of a sushi lunch date, which sounds like the best idea ever. 
  • This is just a reminder of what the roommate does sometimes. Let's all never forget this.  
  • Still reading the Arkansas Politics and Government book....Still pretty close to the beginning. Yikes.
  • Mad Men is the greatest show ever invented. I love the 60s. Yes, I'm a nerd. 
  • I read yesterday that the Little Rock National Airport was renamed the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. I mean dang, I know Arkansas is proud and all, but did we really need to rename the airport? I'm sure I will never not call it the Little Rock National Airport. 
  • I've. Got. To. Register. To. Vote.
  • I'm going to a hot yoga class tonight. I'm pretty much thrilled about it. It's amazing how many poses you can do that you never thought you'd be able to do. It's the only time I ever feel a tad bit flexible.
  • I'm going to make these stuffed mushrooms for dinner tonight. You should, too. 
What are you plans this weekend? (Yes, I know it's only Wednesday...but it's my Friday.)

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