Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Day Friday: Random Thoughts

First thing: Boulevard Bread Company has the best chocolate brioche, breakfast sandwiches and lattes on the planet. I was on breakfast duty this morning so I brought Susan a good spread of yummy treats.

When the Bit asked what I brought I told her chocolate brioche. She said, "Eewww, yuck. I don't want to eat chocolate britches."

I didn't even try to correct her. There is no sense in it. Plus it was funny. So I just went with it. Susan and I halved the chocolate britches.

Second thing: My oldest and dearest friend is coming to the Big City. I can't wait to see her and spend some quality time with her.

Good ole Shannon is coming to the city for a dental conference. And after that we are going to paint the town red. Or go out to eat somewhere. And maybe rent a movie. Because we're cool like that.
Third thing: I want tacos and guacamole again. These tacos and guacamole to be exact.

I dream about these tacos and guacamole all the time. I can't even describe how much I love them. Chipotle has figured it out. The winning combination. I would push someone down for this meal.
Fourth thing: The ole weather app on my phone has lightning bolts for the next three days. I have a five mile long run to do this weekend. And if it rains, I'm not sure I'll do a long run on a treadmill that only stays on for 20 minutes at a time. It just shuts off after 20 minutes. I will have to re-start it three to four times to get that long run finished. That will be interesting.
Fifth and final thing: Bit got a donor bone. And we are so thankful. There will be a post dedicated to this topic in the next few days. So hold your breath and wait patiently....I can't wait to tell you all about it. But the kid got a bone so we are totally kicking this cancer business. 

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