Friday, September 7, 2012

The Day I Lost The Book

I don't know about you, but I have a book where I write things down. Most people would call it a planner or a date book. I call it The Book.
The Book is vital to my daily life. I use it all the time. It keeps me organized. Yesterday my good friend called to ask what I was doing next weekend. I said I'd have to check The Book. I started looking for it, but I couldn't find it.

You wanna talk about a panic attack. Well I'm pretty sure I had one. I frantically searched for the book while trying to talk to her on the phone. I bound down the stairs and out to my car. No book. The book was nowhere to be found. Which was weird because I had used it that day.

Then I realized I left it sitting on my old desk when I went to visit my fabulous co-workers. And I basically had another panic attack. What if someone took it? Who would take a very used day planner? Y'all, I was terrified.'s not just any ole day planner. It brown and cream giraffe print with a green trim. Very cute. Who wouldn't want it? Especially for free...
I was seriously sweatin' over this dang planner. I guess I'm just sentimental. I've had it since college. And you just take out the planner when the year ends and put in a new one. But the cover remained the same. I mean it's my book.

How pathetic is that? I was basically mourning the loss of my book. I called all my co-workers and asked them to look for it on my old desk. And at 7 a.m. I got the best text message saying that the book was safe and sound. The sky opened, angels sang and beams of light from heaven shined down on my book.

I think part of my paranoia came from my late night run and inability to fall asleep. Hoot owls got nothing on me. Ain't even funny. At 2 a.m. I was convinced I could break into my old office and get my book before the cops could get there. Hello, crazy!!!!!! (Although I did set the alarm off once when I worked there and the cops never came.)

Day 3 of half marathon training:
A three mile tempo run.

Here are my stats:
Distance: 3.0 miles
Time: 37:45
Best Pace: 11:00
Average Pace: 12:35
Calories: 321

This run looks a lot like my speedwork from Tuesday. So I think that means I need to set it up and kick my butt a little bit more that I did this week.

The three miles went by a bit slower than Tuesday's run. I felt sloshy. Seriously. My stomach made sloshy noises. Probably from the six tons of water I drank in preparation. Note to self: Sloshy stomach makes for an uncomfortable run.

I'm super thankful today is my off day. I am going to the Gallery of Hope to support the Bit. And after that, it's Boom Kinetic time.

Full Boom recap tomorrow....if you haven't been before you should definitely check them out. Too much fun. Too much good music. Party on!

Four mile long run tomorrow....who's in? Pretty soon they will be much longer than four run with me in these early days, please!!!!!

Ting's Mom wrote an awesome post about Asher!!! THANK YOU KAREN!!!!! If you haven't checked out Karen's blog, definitely pay her a visit. She is pretty amazing!!!!

Hope you peeps have a fabulous weekend!!! Party on!


  1. I have the same Giraffe cover for my planner!! People have told me before there are such things as calendars on phones now, but I just can't part with my Giraffe cover :) I definitely understand where you're coming from!

  2. I really was devastated. I could think of spending my life without my beloved book. It's just so cute. A showcase of my personality. I'm glad you share my thoughts.