Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stories from the Treadmill

Do you know how difficult it is to take a picture while running on a treadmill?
I have no idea what that says. I can make out a 31:15 time, and I know I did a 5K. But I have no idea about the pace or any of that stuff. And I thought I was being so proactive by taking this photo. Schucks.

We've had a good bit of rain here in the Big City. So running outside has been non-existent. But that doesn't mean I haven't been running because I definitely have been.

I did a two mile fartlek (speedwork, which was really three miles) on the treadmill Saturday. I wore my blue Brooks Adrenaline 12s I bought in New Orleans at the race expo.
I usually wear my pink ones that look just the same. But for some reason I put on the blue ones. While they are the same make and model of the shoe, the pink and the blue ones feel completely different on my feet.

By the time I finished my speedwork, my left shin and right ankle were screaming in pain. I had noticeable aches and pains I never have after running three miles. It's the shoes. Blue is completely different. I came home and put one of the pink ones on to compare. I could be crazy, but I don't think so. The pink one just felt better.

On Monday, it was still raining. And I had to run five miles. I couldn't put it off any longer, or I would be behind on the runs for this week. So I went back to the ole treadmill that only stays on for 20 minutes. I set it on the 5K setting so I would have to worry about the distance, not the time.

I'm happy to report I ran five miles. I only walked for a minute or so (and I say or so because I had to take into account the instance my treadmill shut off after I finished 3.1 miles) in between each mile. It took me about an hour or so. I tried to keep my pace right at 12:00, but I ran mile 3 at an 11:30 pace. And I wore my pink shoes. They made all the difference.

I didn't start to feel the burn until I was running my fourth mile. And that is how it's suppose to be. I love knowing the training plan I'm following is working.

Adding a mile to the long run each week is the perfect way to add to your fitness. The final mile is the one that builds your strength and endurance. And honestly, it's not so bad...if you've been doing all your training runs during the week the way you should.

I am excited I don't have to spend anymore time on the treadmill this week. The weather is too good right now to not be running outside. So I'm going to take advantage of that this week.

I'm running today. Speedwork. Three miles, which really is four miles considering the half mile warm-up and cool down. And I love the fact that I can run any time today because the weather is just right to be outside.

I'm also thrilled to tell you I get to run with my mom this weekend. I have a six mile long run, and she has an eight mile long run (she's in her recovery week). I love getting to run with her. I can ask her 600 million questions about different things as we run. Get ready, Mom!

What's new with you?

Have you been taking advantage of this awesome weather?

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