Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Day Friday: Quick List Edition

I've got about 20 minutes to write this since I'm going to a big networking meeting today! Still on the job hunting wagon, but I'm hoping not much longer. So I can't be late. But I wanted to write because...let's face it...I always want to write.

So here it goes: My random thoughts on this Friday.

  • 5K tomorrow. There is a possibility I will have make-up on since I put my "full face" on today for this meeting. But let me clarify...It will be the slept in make-up that makes an appearance at the 5K. Slept in, not fresh faced.
  • I'm in the Baggo Throwdown this weekend, too. The 5K will be a cake walk compared to the baggo tournament. It doesn't seem like throwing bean bags would be difficult. And in reality, it's very easy to throw one. But I find it terribly hard to get my bean bags where I want them to go. This comes from years of watching boys play, and said boys would not let us girls play because we are girls. Dumbest thing ever. My partner has never played before. And we don't really know the rules. We are going out in the first round. Whatev.
  • Foam rolling hurts like a bitch. There is no other way to get around saying that word because that is the only way to explain it. I will dedicate a whole post to foam rolling in the near future. But just so we're clear...It hurts like a bitch. And I've almost cried several times while foam rolling my quads.
  • Did I say we are practicing for the baggo tournament tonight? Because we are. Don't ask me why (see two bullets above for explanation.) we are practicing. But I feel good about it. Maybe we will get some beginners luck.
  • I need a haircut. The horse tail is out of control. Out of control. I'm teetering on the line of hippy. Really on the edge.
  • My favorite month starts on Monday. OCTOBER is almost here. I love October. That's when the leaves start changing colors, and running outside is the most enjoyable.
  • #FlashbackFriday: College Edition

This was taken right at the end of us singing "I'm on a Boat" at the top of our lungs. You're welcome.

Happy Friday!!!

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