Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sharing the Love with Arkansas Outside

I'm over at Arkansas Outside today. I wrote a little ditty about Asher's 5K. So take a gander over there. I'm pretty sure it's some of my best work. I know it's some of my most heartfelt work.

Lisa and Joe have done an awesome job with the site, and they work hard to promote and cover outdoor events all across the state. So if you love to be outside and you live in Arkansas, the Web site is a perfect fit for you.

I met Lisa at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference. When she told me she and her husband travel all over the state writing about running, biking, kayaking, etc., you have to know I was drooling all over myself. Clearly, it's my dream job.

So show Arkansas Outside some love today. And show Joe and Lisa some love because they work really hard to provide us outdoor enthusiasts with amazing content. So follow them on twitter @arkansasoutside and like their Facebook page.


  1. Thanks for the lovely commentary on our labor of love at Arkansas Outside. And thanks for sharing your love of running and for "the bit" with us. We wish you great success with the race this weekend!

    1. Thanks for letting me write for Arkansas Outside! I'd love to help you guys out anytime you need extra help! :)