Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Losing My Wisdom

On May 19, exactly one week and a day from now, I will be scared to death in a West Little Rock oral surgery chair. Yep, people. The wisdom teeth are coming out. And I fear it won't be pretty.

I've got a weird phobia of anything dental related thanks to a total kook dentist from Stuttgart who messed a root canal that I had to get redone. The only good thing that came out of that experience was a blinging gold tooth that showed up in numerous candid photos of me Freshman year.

Here is a sneak peak. I don't want to blind you with my former gansta tooth. But just wait. It gets better.

Before a UCA football game freshman year. Bling is getting more prominent. But brace yourself. It gets ugly.

And there it is. In all it's former glory. It's not even a pretty gold color. It's a shanky yellow gold. Thank goodness, it was just a temporary. Oh, the days of freshman year. Good times.

A lot of things have changed since freshman year. My hair is brown and longer, and that gold tooth is LONG gone. But the dental anxiety has remained.

In a week, I will go under the knife. All four of my wisdom teeth are impacted under my gums. And they are all sideways, pushing against the roots of my back molars.

While I'll be "asleep", it still makes me nervous. I should have never watched that stupid movie where the guy had surgery and could feel and hear everything, but not move or scream. That movie is vivid in my mind when I think about this minor operation.

I'm also freaked out because I could lose feeling in my face and lips. Yikes. Dang Dr. Woodard for showing me an informative, yet terrifying, video. But at least I'm educated about the process.

So pray for me and my mom who has to put up with me during that time. I'm sure it will be interesting to say the least. Maybe I will share a post-surgery swollen face photo. Or maybe I won't. I just depended on how scary I look.

Hope you enjoyed the flashback photos from Freshman year.

Until next time...


  1. Aww! Itll be fine. Also the movie awake I love that!

  2. Movie is FREAKY. Nobody wants that to happen. :/