Thursday, May 26, 2011

Credit to The Big Guy Upstairs

My life has been go go go since school is out. I think I've been trying to cram in so many fun things before next semester that I forgot to check my final grades for the semester.

So this morning I checked it. And my screen looked like this.

This girl got that fat 4.0. Holla. I was too excited. And had that one professor from last semester given me an A, I would have a 4.0 overall. He's a fool with a stupid name. (end rant.)

And this was me after checking grades.

Pretty excited. (Don't mind the under-eye circle. They are from my lack of sleep due to a huge face after oral surgery. I'm trying to not be self-conscious about my left cheek still feeling like it looks like a balloon. And also today is my "Casual Friday", hence the work polo and messy bun.)

I felt like I was going to get an A in my history class because I knew I put in the work that deserved an A.

I also knew I was teetering on the A/B line in Processes and Effects because most of my grades were low A's and high B's. I guess the final paper I wrote pushed me to the A side. (But I bet she doesn't know I wrote that 15-page mammoth over the course of one afternoon...A.K.A I bs-ed it.)

The PR Class was up in the air. Lady's grading was crazy hard in the beginning, but then she lightened up closer to the end. Based on the e-mail from her (feature below), I'm pretty sure my Case Study and presentation earned me an A.

From the PR professor regarding my case study and presentation.

Thought from the beginning that this was one of the most innovative and original case study ideas presented. Your presentation and your report didn’t let me down. Your written report was one of the most thorough – if not the most – I received, right down to analyzing the types of crises that faced J&J. Your analysis of the public relations issues was as comprehensive and insightful as I’ve seen in this class (or others). Only a few – very few – writing issues popped up. The thoroughness of your presentation complimented your written report. In fact, the only fault I can find is this: don’t play with your hair while you’re giving a presentation. Other than that – Bravo!
Grade 248/250

Moral: Nervous habits (like playing with your hair to help you focus on what you are saying) needs to be checked at the door. But she still said I was the most innovative and original, which was nice for the ego.

So basically all the crying, worrying, stressing and angering paid off. (I know angering is not a word. Just trying to keep things parallel. Grammer is important, you know.)

The credit for this one goes straight up the the Big Guy for hearing my prayers and the prayers of those closest to me to could feel my stress.

Thank you Jesus for carrying me through when I was too tired to walk this semester. Thank you for the extra brain power and will to keep hacking away at that stacks of homework and projects. Thank you for surrounding me with incredible classmates --- Megan, Beth, Carmen, Lauren, Mike, Ginger, and Kristin --- incredible teachers --- Zacher, Drale, David Keith, and Donna Stephens --- and my family and close friends --- too many of you to name.

It feels good to see the fruits of your labor. It's things like this that keep us motivated. Your motivation may be different than mine. But I promise your motivation is there. You just have to look for it. So open up those peepers and see what's out there.

Happy Thursday, friends. Love jus guys.

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