Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waiting is for the Birds

What's your thoughts on waiting? In the doctor's office? Before class starts? While class is in session? At work?

We are in a world full of waiting. Waiting to do something. Waiting for someone. Waiting to be ready for something. Always waiting.

Some people wait patiently, and others not so much. I am in the latter group where waiting is a chore. My patience is something I work on every day, and it is a time consuming battle.

I feel like I've been doing a lot of waiting here lately. Waiting for school to be out for summer. Waiting to get off work. Waiting for something fun to do. Waiting for that oh-so-special someone.

Waiting is for the birds.

But what if we all became proactive, instead of reactive? What if we made change, instead of reacted to change? How would we be different? How would the world be different?

We wait for something to happen; we expect it. We get blind-sided when we don't expect it.

Here's where I'm going with this. I want to be blind-sided by life (but in a good way). Waiting makes me feel ever-expectant. I feel like I'm always waiting.

But what if I stopped waiting? Just completely stopped. Life would just happen spontaneously, and it would be wonderful (or terrible). But let's go with wonderful.

The best things in life come when you least expect it. I got my job because I was recommended by a faculty member; I didn't apply for it. I feel like more things could be like that if we would just let it be. Expecting is how some people get hurt.

Here is my goal for the summer: To become less expectant of myself and other people. To let life happen. To live in the moment, good or not-so-good. To minimize disappointment because of the high expectations I hold for myself and others.

It sounds kind of negative to say "I'm becoming less expectant of myself and other people." I am not giving up my morals and values. I'm just not going to wait around and expect something to happen. It either will or it won't. Me toiling and boiling over it will have no effect on the outcome.

This will be a huge challenge for me. Probably more challenging than the running goal. But I feel like it will help me out in  the long run. I'm just going to give my self a "break", along with everyone else.

No more waiting, now it's doing. Let's make the magic of life happen, people. Let's get inspired and do something without waiting.

We could stand on the edge of this cliff our entire lives...but let's just not. Isn't jumping half the fun? It's time to scare ourselves ALIVE!

Just make it work for you. Until next time...(or I should say don't wait til next time....)

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