Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up to Speed

What up, bloggies? Long time, no talk. I guess that is my fault. But in my defense, I did have four wisdom teeth removed. And let me tell ya that was an experience.

My face was beyond huge. And bruised. And at one point, we thought I was going to have a black eye. But my jaws look quite a bit better, but they are still not 100%. The first few days were full of beautiful sleep, but the last three nights have been pretty restless.

And last night was no different. I went to bed after taking all of my medicine. My left jaw area was feeling pretty sore, and I had had enough of its throbbing. So I took the pain medicine and laid down.

An hour later, I was up getting the ice pack out of the freezer to soothe my aching jaw. An hour after that I was praying sleep would come because I had to go to work today. I think around 12:30 A.M. I finally fell asleep. I woke up numerous times because of the storm beating down my window, and at 1:45 A.M. I took another pain pill to keep the sleep.

Once the storm calmed down and the pain pill kicked in, sleep finally happened for a good while. But I still woke up off and on until my alarm went off all too early this morning. Luckily, I showered last night so I got to sleep later than normal, which was a treat.

Today, I'm feeling pretty sleepy/groggy and a tad bit sore on the left side of my face. I think my left side got the worst of it. I'm hoping the soreness is just a slow healing process and not a dry socket. Pretty sure I couldn't handle that right now. So please pray for quick healing and no dry sockets.

On a different, yet similar note: The wisdom teeth extraction has put a little hitch in my new running giddy-up. My new shoes are calling for me, but I fear I'm not recovered enough. I think I will take it easy this week until I talk to my oral surgeon on Friday. Hopefully by then I will be healed enough to go for a little jog and eat solid foods. This puree/semi-solid food business is for the birds. I am ready to eat all the foods I love.

Since the surgery I've had cravings for:

Fried potatoes
Greasy cheeseburgers
All things crunchy - granola, fried chicken, chips, etc.
Drinking out of a straw (This one has basically broken my heart since day one. I love my straws.)

How was your weekend?

What foods do you crave when you know you can't have them?

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