Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Damn the Dam Bridge

Brace yourself. I have quite a bit to fill you in on since it was Memorial Day weekend.

I spent half my weekend in Stuttgart to have some quality time with the madre and padre. The roommate had her wisdom teeth taken out last Friday so we did not get to go on our usual lake vacay to see her Meemaw and Pawpaw ( I like to call them Joe and Sue). I'm really sad we didn't get to go to the lake and kick the summer off right.

But I do have other stuff to tell you about like my wreath-making experience from Hell and our new patio make-over. And my first running/jogging/butt-kicking since my wisdom teeth surgery. As I said, brace yourselves.

I thought yesterday afternoon would be the perfect time to go for a little jog. So I left my apartment at 6 P.M. to avoid the traffic.....(did you get that? It's Memorial Day...there is no traffic. People aren't commuting.)

As I cross the 430 bridge, I get excited. It is beautiful outside. A little hot, but still beautiful. I gots my new shoes laced up tight and my playlist ready, and then I realize I don't have a place to put my car keys. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? New runner here. And please don't say fanny pack....

And now I must rephrase when I said it was a little hot to it was FREAKING HOT. End of story. My little 30 minute routine turned into 30 minutes of self-torture in the blazing sun. And it never fails that the last leg of my jogging routine happens on the upward slope of the Big Dam Bridge.

I have never been so thankful to see the top of a hill in my life. I was huffing and puffing. Pretty sure people I was meeting thought I was going to die. No pictures were taken of the aftermath which was myself sweaty and overheated.

As the bridge levels off the BEST breeze blew right in my face. I had to stop and enjoy the view.
The view to the East.
The view to the West. BEAUTIFUL. One of the best views in Little Rock (in my opinion), but I also love the views from the top of Pinnacle Mountain.

While it was super sweltering, I would have much rather ran the Big Dam Bridge at high noon than spend the afternoon making a yarn wreath.

The roommate and I are currently in the process of decorating our patio/balcony. As of yesterday morning it consisted of this:

Our patio furniture from our old house painted a nice shade of UCA purple. Go Bears. (They use to be a stained brown color, but the sun faded them over time. So my sweet grandma painted them purple for me.)

And the old school flower wreath. Now this wreath has treated us well, but I saw my friend and fellow blogger Shanna at Keepin' Up with the Moody's new wreath and thought I could make that, too. She made a sweet yarn wreath for her front door, and a bunch of her friends sent her pictures of their yarns wreaths. Check out their wreaths.

Since I am not married, I had to get creative since I couldn't use an initial. But I think it worked out for the best. This is how door swag should be represented. Bold and beautiful.

Let me just say...They seem easy, but don't underestimate this time consuming craft project. Just wrapping the yarn took me two hours. I had to take frequent breaks because my hands cramped up and the yarn got tangled.  But I think the outcome was TOO CUTE.

What do you think? It's handmade (well except for the flowers and the bird.)

I love my new front door swag. Pretty cute. My favorite part is the burlap bow, but the sunny yellow daisies are a close second.

Now stay tuned. There is more patio reveal coming your way tomorrow, as well as my first recipe post. Here are some clues for the recipe: cheesy, saucy, healthy, yummy.

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. I think the front door decor is awesome!

  2. Thank you friend. It took a while, but it turned out pretty great.

  3. Yesterday's heat and humidity was deceptively horrid. I mowed the yard - and in all seriousness - I started seeing stars like I was about to pass out. I had to go inside for awhile and finish the backyard later in the afternoon/early evening. It was a LOT.

  4. Heat is sneaky. And I just set out to do one of the hardest things my body can handle...barely. It was not a fun run, but I did feel good about it once it was over. Baby steps...