Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mental Enlightenment

Morning Bloggies.

I have a quick story for you followed by the BEST video to grace my presence in a long long time. But you have to read everything before you get to the main event. And trust me it's totally worth it. Cross my heart.

Yesterday was a not so good day for my nerves. Grad school has officially stressed me to the max. But Jesus gave me a big break yesterday when I went to class.

I have been stressing pretty hardcore about this upcoming theoretical frameworks paper for my Processes & Effects class. Thankfully yseterday I had a breakthrough.

Thanks to Megan Lindsey and professor lady, I have a new hope for this paper. So here's how it went down.

Yesterday, I was suppose to have a detailed outline ready to discuss with my professor. Now, y'all know I always ALWAYS turn stuff in. Well, this wasn't an assignment that was due for points so I chose not to do it. I just looked over my first draft and made notes. I also had a small list of questions including "What the crap do you want me to do?"

So as professor lady made her way from person to person, Megan Lindsey and I bounced some ideas off each other. I've been having a hard time trying to make my theory match up with my thesis topic. When it was my turn to talk with professor lady, I basically asked her how to fix the disconnect of my topic and my theory.

Then it happened. A big break. A breath of fresh air. A second-wind.

She said, "You could probably look at just one election."

A light came on in my head. Oh my gosh, I wonder if I will be able to use everything I know about Rockefeller and the 1966 election. So I ask her. And she said YES.

It was the greatest feeling. I know that election upside down and inside out. And I know the theory like the back of my hand. While it will take some critical thinking and thoughtful writing, the paper will be better than I originally intended. It will be easier for me to write and for her to read.

Thanks to Megan Lindsey for being a constant cheerleader and professor lady for giving me a break I will not lose my mind. As I was leaving class, I sent a little thank you note to the Big Guy upstairs because He finally let all the lights come on for this paper.

Saw this last night for the first time. Hands down the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Enjoy! Happy Thursday!

Until next time...

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