Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My House Has Ghosts

As you know, I made the move to the Big City two weeks ago. And it really is great. I love the location. I love the apartment. I love it.

However, I think we have ghosts. There have been many incidents to make me think that, two of which happened last night. But we will start from the beginning.

First Incident: The roommate and I were watching The Tutors via Netflix intstant watch. All was quiet minus the Tutor people talking. The roommate's bathroom is right next to her room. As we are watching the show, we heard three distinct taps on something near the bathroom. A split second goes by were we are both utterly still and alert. I said, "Did you hear that?" She said, "Yeah!!!" (in her terrified worried voice). So I make her go look. She runs to the end of the hall. NOTHING. Nothing is out of place. Nothing is ticking. Nothing.

So we let it go. Because that is what you do when something weird happens. Right?

Second/Third Incident: That same night and the night after that as I was going to sleep, I heard a loud bang from inside my room. I sit up, put my specks on, look around. NOTHING. Same as the ticking in the hallway. The next morning after the second big bang happened, I go to open my bedroom door, and it's cracked. My door is super hard to shut, and it makes a big loud noise every night when I close it. So I know it's closed. And I know I closed it. SOMEHOW it was cracked.

So I open it up. And forget about it.

Fourth Incident: Last night was Spaghetti Monday at the casa. While I was eating spaghetti, I saw the straw in my water move. Like be lifted up and then sat back down. I said something to the roommate, and she tried to act like it didn't happen. I told her something was going on. FOR REAL. And that we shouldn't ignore it.

THE WORST Incident to date: As we were shutting the house up for the night, I flicked the last light off, and someone screamed. I wish I was kidding. I am praying that it was so buffoon next-door. But nobody is for sure. It was the first time both of us actually acknowledged that there could be ghosts. Or a ghost.

Not sure exactly what this means. But I will tell you I'm not going to be thrilled if we have another roommate. Especially if it's the ghostly kind. I've always wanted to go ghost hunting, but never in my own house. So needlesstosay, this could get ugly.

Squirrel of the Day: All my paper's are finished, and I'm three open-ended questions away from being done with my first year of graduate school. WOOT WOOT. I spent the day yesterday writing a 15 page theoretical frameworks paper. I just have to attend class Wednesday and Thursday nights, talk some bs about my papers, and run like the wind out of that place until fall.

Until next time...

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