Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy on the Lake

1. The roommate likes to sing on the way to the lake.

2. Seeing signs that tell us we are getting closer to the lake give us joy.

3. Tiki Man is the best.

4. Flags flew high in honor of America's 235th birthday.

5. We rode on a boat.

6. The roommate and I looked like death after a run on the Diamondhead golf course. Nobody was ready for those hills.

7. The roommate and her cousin took a ride on the tube.

8. The roommate took a tumble with the tube.
9. Logan and Lindsay ran, and I got this text to prove it.

10. After the epic tubing incident, the roommate was back in the water taking it easy.

11. And then it rained on July 4, 2011. So with that we called it quits.

I hope you guys had a safe and happy Independence Day. I was so happy to be busy on the lake. Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday.

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