Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Running Frustration

I think the roommate and I got a little overzealous when it came to running the past few days. We decided to try the 20 minute run. You know the one where you run for 20 minutes without stopping. We totally did it. It was a complete success.

We were a little excited.

Last night we went to a run at the River Trail just like we always do. As soon as I stepped out of the car, something was off.

I was dripping with sweat and had done nothing to provoke it. Stretching felt like a chore. Just not good. There was no relief for my aching muscles and joints.

But we ran anyway.

The pace started out at what I'd like to call ridiculous fast. Too fast for the way I was feeling. My breathing was ok, but something still wasn't right.

After the first 8 minutes, I was winded. Like seriously winded. I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. It took the entire 5 minute recover time for me to feel the slightest bit better. But I knew what was to come; more running.

The second 8 minutes was much like the first. It was hot, sweaty, achy, and just not good. I had to tell myself to put one foot in front of the other. And when I looked down to check the time left, I almost cried when the timer said I had only ran for 2 minutes. I thought for sure it had been longer than that.

But I plodded through the last 6 minutes. The roommate was spitting encouraging words the whole time, but other than that, it was silent. I couldn't talk. And I'm not sure if I couldn't or if I just didn't want to, and that is unlike me.

Ususally I am yelling at the group to hurry it up. But yesterday that was not the case. If I was talking, I was answering a question that the roommate had asked me or I was praying out loud.

When the last minute came, I pushed myself. I made myself go just like I make Logan, Lindsay and the roommate go all the time. I knew I couldn't give myself a break. That would be cheating. Nothing was wrong. Nothing hurt. My breathing was fine. So I pushed on for the last minute to prove to my mind that I would overcome its tricks.

It was just an off day. A really off day. I left the Big Dam Bridge frustrated. I couldn't understand why everything seemed business as usual, and then it turned into a bad run. I got home, took a shower and still couldn't shake the funk the run had put me in. Or I should say the funk I had put myself in.

So let's put it into perspective.

I had a bad run. Nothing hurt with the exception of minor aches and pains. My breathing was normal. My pace was normal, yet it felt like a sprint. My body felt ragged when it was over. My mind felt defeated.

What did I eat yesterday? Too much homemade salsa. Gatorade. Banana bread. Not really a meal in there. Or water. I feel like this had a lot to do with it. Homemade salsa, while delicious as it is, is not a meal. There is no substance there. It's basically just liquid. Gatorade is not water. Lesson learned.

I run again tomorrow. By myself. It's the first time to run alone since we started this whole thing. And after yesterday's run, I'm a little nervous.

What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad run?

What foods don't work for you on run days?

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