Friday, July 1, 2011

Running With Friends

Good morning friends! And a good morning it has been thus far. I'll show you.

Let's talk about how the roommate and I got up at 6 A.M. to be awake enough to run the trails at the Big Dam Bridge at 7 A.M. The sun was steadily getting hotter, but thankfully the trail was shaded.

It was another glorious run, however, the first half of it was tough on me. It felt like I was breathing in water. Like I couldn't get a real breathe. Thank you Arkansas weather. Humidity is a runner's villan. But after running to the halfway point, I started to fall into my stride, and my breathing got better.

I was more than happy to have finished my run well before 8 A.M. The roommate was not as enthused, but she pulled off yet another awesome run. I know she loathes me for yelling encouraging words and trying to make her talk to me at the end of the run, but I tell myself she secretly loves and appreciates it.

See that's the thing. It is easier to run with friends. I can totally run by myself, and sometimes I would encourage it. But when you're starting out or trying a new routine or going for a longer distance, take a buddy. If you don't have an available buddy, find one when you get there.

I've learned that runners and bikers are of a different breed. They understand what you are doing. They applaud it. Active people want to spend time with other active people. We want people of like-mindedness (if that is a know what I mean).

My advice is get an active buddy. This helps with motivation and accountablity. You are more likely to complete a new goal with another human there to help see you through. I've got four awesome active people in my life who are on this same journey. And we are totally making it happen. So you can, too.

After a sweaty journey, the roommate collapsed on a nearby picnic table and tried her hand at planking.

I think she excelled at planking. She definitely looks as if she is made of wood. I was introduced to planking yesterday, and I love that people go around and take pictures of themselves on their bellies with their hands by their sides. It's an art. (You should totally google it. It's amazing the places people come up with to plank.)

Breakfast was also an excellent choice.
Two poached eggs adorned with sweet and spicy salsa on a whole wheat sandwich thin with a smear of butter. I say two because there were two. One that I inhaled before this photo op. I also enjoyed my morning joe in my new R cup from Nosh Night. It was the bombdiggity.

Well I've got to get ready (mentally and physically) for a field trip of wrangling 75 kids at Pinnacle Mountain this afternoon. All I keep thinking is what have I gotten myself into. Update tomorrow.

How was your workout?

Do you like to work out with friends, or do you prefer to go it alone?
~~~I'm more of a run with friends type, but sometimes it's nice to pound out the pavement alone.

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