Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GPOYW: Work Edition #2

I know I don't do this regularly, but I fear that I'm out of terribly interesting things to say on this beautiful Wednesday. So today you will get a picture of me---hence the GPOYW.
On this beautiful Wednesday, I chose not to get out of bed until 6:20 A.M., even though I needed to shower and wash my nasty hair. So I did just that. I got up, showered and left the house by my normal time. You will notice the lack of make-up. Sometimes I can't justify putting on my whole face when I know I will just sweat it off when I run. And I'd also like to throw out that I'm planning a hair cut as soon as I can get in at my salon. The horse hair has to go...well some of it anyway.

Yesterday after work, I drove straight home and took a nap. I was exhausted when I left the office, and I needed a break. And the nap provided just what I needed. And vino provided the rest.

I have fallen in love with Barefoot Riesling. It's cold and tangy and just plain good on a hot summer evening. And after a stressful day at work. I spent the majority of my work day yesterday screaming obscenities and harrumping at my computer. And in my down time I was mulling over the bad run from the night before.

Don't worry. I'm mentally and physically preparing myself for my lone night run. Mentally, I have let the bad run from the other night go. Physically, I'm being smarter about my food and drink choices.

My snacks thus far: one apple, a to-go pack of Jif peanut butter, a banana, 33.8 fl. oz. of Smart Water. My unseen snacks of the day were one Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna Bar and a small bag of fresh cherries, but I ate those before I could snap the picture.

The theme for today is hydration, hydration, hydration. I'm consciously making decision about what I'm putting into my body on run days, especially after the salsa fiasco. Salsa is not a meal. And Gatorade is not water.

Switching gears.

Sometimes when writing this blog, I find myself struggling for things to talk about. It's been especially difficult since school is out and work is semi-calm. I don't really have any crazy stories about weird events that happen to me. I don't have a boy in my life who does crazy things for me to tell you about. And my running posts can only be so interesting and entertaining. Let's be honest. I run the same routes every day. I run with the same people every day. So....

This is where you come in. I know people read this. So I'm asking for suggestions on things you want to hear from me. It can be about anything. Any topic. I'm curious to know what you want to know about, or what topics you would like for me to talk more about.

I'm basically an open book when it comes to what goes on this blog, and I love the aspect of sharing things. But I need to know what you want to read about.

Here's a list of topics I've touched on in the past:
Graduate School

Those of you who have been following for a while know that I tend to latch on to a certain topic or topics depending on what's taking over the ole daily grind. I'm sorry for that. And I will try to do better with mixing it up.

So shoot me some ideas on Facebook (because I attach all posts to FB) either on my wall or in a direct message. Or you can follow me on Twitter @ashtenbrook. Send me a tweet or a direct message, and I will use the topics you come up as new blog post ideas. Awesome blossom.

I can't wait to see what you come up with. Sometimes I get in a creative rut and need help getting out of it. So blog readers unite and come to my creative mind's rescue.


  1. Let's talk about your future goals/bucket list. and if you get really desperate, you can do the 30 day blog challenge in addition to normal posting. I did it and it was fun enough...the daily posts can be found on my blog
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Shanna! Very good ideas. I will definitely mull them over in the ole brain and come up with something. Future goals and a bucket list are definitely ideas I can work with!!!