Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Future Running Endeavors

Everyone knows my philosophy about good running shoes. It's something I preach. Lindsay got fitted for running shoes today. So that makes Logan the laggard of the group when it comes to getting new shoes. Help me people. The girl needs some new shoes. She's running in Nike Shox from her Sophomore year in college. #yikes
I'm a tad bit jealous of Lindsay's PURPLE shoes. Grass green and UCA purple = my two most favorite colors. And Easy Runner fitted her in a sweet pair of Brooks.

We are Brooks Buddies!! I was too excited about our run tonight for a lot of different reasons. 1. Lindsay was going to have an awesome first run in her shoes. 2. We changed the routine to run 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes, run 8 minutes, cooldown. 3. I look forward to the run all day long.

It's weird how that happens. In the beginning, I was running to complete a goal. Now I'm running because I want to/like it AND because I have a goal.

After the first 8 minute run, we felt good. It didn't seem that different. Or too difficult. The 5 minute walk was more than enough time for us to catch our breath. So we felt the same starting the second run, which has never happened before. Usually we are all sucking air and praying that we are close to the end. Tonight was not the case.

The second 8 minutes conversation still flowed nicely. Our pace was quick, but right on. I say quick because it was quicker than normal. I wish I had a fancy watch to tell you exactly what it was, but nobody has $300 to get one.

The sun was setting at the end of our run. The last minute we really pushed ourselves. We ran hard and fast. The pace was cray cray fast. And who was leading the pact: The Roommate. She was in rare form and kicking all our butts.

We finished the second 8 minutes hot, sweaty, breathing heavy and joyful!!!! It was the best run we have ever had. Hands down.

I've been nervous about admitting this next thing on the blog for about a week now, but it is time that I fill you in on our future running goals.

5K in October, obviously. That is what we are training for now. Then a 10K (6.2 miles). Then a half-marathon (13.1 miles). Then a marathon (26.2 miles).

Don't worry. This will be over the course of a few years, but it will happen.We will make each other do it. Logan will do it. Lindsay will do it. The roommate. And me.

The marathon is the only one that truly terrifies me. The thought of running for 26.2 miles makes me feel sick, but I want to do it at some point. The thought of 13.1 miles gets my blood pumping. I want to do it. And I want the 13.1 sticker to prove it.

So there it is. On the Internet. I admitted it. I set the goals. That means they have to happen. You have to keep me accountable.

Deep breath. And go.

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