Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Much Criminal Minds

When I left the house for my lone run yesterday, my car informed me that it was too hot to run at 7:30 P.M.
Of course I didn't listen and went to the Big Dam Bridge trails anyway. I felt pretty nervous about running alone. Not really about the running part, but I found myself to be a bit paranoid about someone killing me and leaving me for dead in the woods.

Yes, it's morbid and a little strange that I would think about that. I blame U-Verse for multiple marathons of Criminal Minds. It's on all the time, and I watch it all the time. 1.) Because I love the show, and 2.) because Shemar Moore is beautiful.

So last night as I was running to beautiful scenes of the Arkansas River and wooded trails, I kept thinking of how I needed to get a RoadID so the police could identify my body. And I was totally sizing up each person that passed me on the trail. (I've decided that my fight or flight instinct would kick in, and I would be able to out run just about anyone...unless they are on a bike.)

It was a beautifully glorious run by the river. I enjoyed it more because it was more like open space, unlike other parts of the trail.

I found myself really tuning into my breathing since I didn't have anyone there to talk to, and I didn't feel that talking to myself would be acceptable. So I focused on breathing and how my body reacted to the run. It was a far better run from Monday.

By the time I reached the wooden bridge that smells of a beach boardwalk, I had one 5 minute run left. And I was about to enter the wonderfully shaded area on the trail. It's covered with a canopy of trees with awesome green foliage, and it makes the perfect end to a hot run.

And it also increased my Criminal Minds/death paranoia. And I saw a black trash bag full of some lumpy substance. Ususally my first thought would be trash. But yesterday it was dead body. I know, I've got to do something about this. Morbid thoughts are not normal, and I don't usually have them.

Logan, Lindsay, the roommate and I alway talk about how the River Trail would be the perfect place to dump a body. So why wouldn't I be concerned to see a black lumpy trash bag in the middle of the most secluded part of the trail???

Thankfully I made it out alive. And it was a good run. Much better than the last one. I think my snacks from yesterday and the gallon of water I drank really helped. Ah, to be smart about the choices you make on the days you run. It really makes things better.

I was/am happy to be alive and to have had a good run. Things I need to look into: a RoadID and a Spibelt. I'm still nervous about losing my keys and I'm going to need a place to put my phone once the Couch to 5K training is over.

In other news: Thanks to my friend Shanna from Keepin' Up With The Moody's, I will be working on a bucket list for some of my future posts. I know you are dying to know what I want to do with my life before I kick the bucket.

P.S. Keep the ideas coming. I love to know what you want to read about.


  1. I'm pretty excited about the bucket list. I think I will come up with some pretty fab ideas/places/people/things I need to do/see before I die.