Monday, June 20, 2011

Field Tripping Amongst Other Things

First, let me apologize in advance for the randomness which will be this post. After a crazy weekend and starting the work week on a Monday, my brain is a little messed up. Maybe using a numbered list will help.

1. A co-worker and I got to attend a field trip at the Bowen School of Law. I don't think I need to tell you how excited we were because a picture is worth a thousand words.

We were too excited to be in law school. Now let me just say that my over-achieving self has thought about applying to law school after I ace the Journalism Master's program at UALR. But I think there would be a few hiccups with this goal because the excitement level would be out of control.

Yeah, that's me with the "Judge's Chambers" sign. It's not even officially a judge's chambers ---hence the room number 503---but I was unable to control my excitement. Clearly I have a problem.

But the sign for Moot Court really was the icing on the cake. As a big Friends fan, the word moot will forever be funny to me.

It's a moo court. I have no idea what moot court is, but I feel like I would giggle everytime I went in there. Yes, I'm a child. But you know this is funny. Gotta love Joey.

While at law school, this sign was posted for one of the children's activities. Really read it. Do you see what's missing?

Really look at it. Don't let your mind correct it. Read it word for word. What do you want be when you grow up!!!

First the soon-to-be law students have a serious grammar problem, and I can say this because I consider myself a wordsmith.

Mistake #1: They originally forgot you, but added it. Good catch. We all make mistakes, even me.

Mistake #2: This is a question, but where are the question marks? We don't end a question with exclamation points. But it is acceptable to do this ?!?!?!?! because it's the best of both worlds.

Mistake #3: They COMPLETELY forgot to in this question. What you want be? No.

Grammatical errors make my brow furrow.

No me gusta grammatical errors. For soon-to-be law students, it is unacceptable. Ok, I'll get off my grammar soapbox and calm down.

2. Got a new picture of Baby Aubrey.

Such a sweet little baby girl. I LOVE her. TOO MUCH. But it's ok. Nobody's worried. She will be the most loved child in the world.

3. After I got out of the shower last night, I let my hair air dry. I've got long hair and have had long hair for a while. But last night I spun it up in a make-shift bun because I don't like wet hair on me. (Something weird about me...add it to the list. Not ashamed.) The roommate thought my hair looked short. So she took a picture and laughed a lot.

If we are perfectly honest about it, it is pretty terrible. It looks worse than when I actually did have short hair, glasses and braces all that the same time. It's like a messed up bowl cut. I think it goes without saying that short hair is not for me, especially since my neck is extra long. Let's not accentuate things that need not be accented---hence the long neck.

Go ahead and giggle. It's pretty funny. And I must be cray cray to share this. But it's not a big deal.

Started a new running routine. But more on that tomorrow.

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