Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nosh Night = Success

The first Nosh Night was a complete success. It is a tradition that I feel will really catch hold.

I had an epic fail when it came to taking pictures of dinner last night. I always get too excited, and then I don't take the pictures.

On the menu last night:

Caribbean jerk grilled chicken, quinoa stuffed mini peppers c/o Fit Foodie Finds' Lee, garlic bread, and better than sex cake. All of the food was amazing.

We also exchanged gifts, part of the Nosh Night tradition. And each of us got some kick-ace items.

The gift I gave the roommate.

Body Glide, two Luna Bars (my new obsession), Chomps and a Stinger waffle.

The gift I gave Logan.

Fredericksburg Farms Raspberry Peach Chipotle Glaze, two Luna Bars, Sports Beans and a Stinger waffle.

They got me...

A really cool dish towel, a fancy oven mitt, ladybug measuring spoons, and a R coffee mug (because the roommate nicknamed me Robin).

It was an awesome night with food, presents, and cd making. Logan needed some new tunage so we made her a compilation of different things, the new Kings of Leon, a Needtobreathe compilation and Mumford & Sons.

Aside from the Nosh Night pleasantries, I've got some awesome news.

I'm helping some 4th graders start a blog about the summer camp affliated with my office. So exciting. I can't wait to see what they write and how their creative juices flow. It's going to be really cool to interact with the kids as they learn about something I love so much.

Once the blog gets populated with some of their posts, I will link to it so you guys can have a look-see.

One more thing before I sign off for the day:  The Do Life Tour is coming to Little Rock July 6 at 6:30 p.m. in Murray Park. For more information about this Official Unofficial 5K Tour, check out Ben Does Life.

I will be there, as will my Mom and four of her running buddies. And I am trying my best to get the roommate, Logan and Lindsay to come out, as well.

The 5K is not race. According to Ben's blog, people can run, walk, jog, ride bikes, roller blade, etc. It's just about being active with other people who want to be active. And it's totally FREE. No sign-up fee. But you can buy a t-shirt or something like that. And there will be a "party cookout thing." So you get to eat, too.

You should totally come. It's going to be awesome. Hopefully, I will see each one of you there. Bring some people. The more, the merrier.

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