Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Good Ones

After last week's fiasco during the running routine, I needed some redemption. Friday night, my mom, Logan and I went for a run.

My mom has been running for three years, and I have been running for three weeks. So you can see how this could get interesting.

She introduced Logan and I to chewy gumdrops and honey-flavored waffers to give us energy while we run. Since I almost passed out last week during a routine run, my mom has been pretty worried about me and running in the heat.

Our 30-minute routine took us on a two-mile loop around Stuttgart. On the last minute of running my mom gave Logan and I a challenge. She said, "It's the last minute. So y'all have to get in a line behind me and keep up."

I'm thinking ok, everything is going to be fine. We've been running at a 10-minute mile pace this whole time. How bad can it be?

My mom, the slow and steady wins the race runner, took off like lightening. I could immediately tell that this one minute was going to be extremely tough.

As we round the corner, Logan yells I'm gonna have to stop this is too much (she was thinking we were going to keep the pace for the rest of the way home.) My mom yells back at her Don't you dare quit. We have 8 seconds left and then it's over. Need I say that the woman wasn't breathing hard at all. 

We finally got to stop, and Logan and I were both cussing and breathing like we'd just ran 6 miles, instead of one minute. Mom said we ran that final minute at a 6-minute mile pace. Sa-weet.

I was suppose to run again on Sunday, but we have to take a brief break because baby girl was born. But yesterday, the running resumed on the Big Dam Bridge.

My mom had given me some Sports Beans to help keep my energy up so I don't fall out on the trails in the heat.

Sports Beans - basically energy jelly beans with Jelly Belly flavors. Yum. They tasted pretty good, and they helped me make it through a run at the Big Dam Bridge.

Logan and her sister Lindsay came along. And we ended up with a faster pace than usual. They walk faster than I do, and I run faster than they do (thanks to the uberlong legs God blessed me with). So it was the perfect combination.

We will go again Wednesday, and Friday I am going with my mom. So it is back to the running routine. And don't worry. I will do better about taking pictures so you can see sweaty faces. Ha.

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