Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Is What I Know

1. Running is hard work. It's a mental battle. Thankfully I have won each time we've met (so far).

2. Driving with the windows down and the music turned up after a run with a view like this is the best.

3. Running with your mom is seriously fun and scary. I had such mental anxiety because she's ran a half-marathon and could run circles around me for MILES. But she just let me do my thing. Thanks Momma.

4. Being sweaty is fun. And posing for pictures after a run with your mom is even more fun.

5. First run at Two Rivers Park and leaving with this view is too good. What is it about sunsets that make you feel all gooey?

6. The roommate got new running shoes. She's now "in it to win it."

7. The roommate also likes/hates it when she's had an off-running day. Hopefully she will have a better day tomorrow. Isn't this face priceless?

8. Two miles in the blazing sun is an accomplishment. Nuff said.

9. I'm still worried that my toe nails will fall off or turn black. Is it weird that I now pray for my toe nails? Surely not.

10. Running has become one of the times where I talk to God. Not out loud, just in my head. Most of the time, I pray that I will make it through the 30 minute workout. Or that I don't pass out due to heat. Or that I don't get dehydrated. But on a good run, when I feel at my best, I pray for my family, friends, frienemies, the future. You know things like that. I think God led me to make this decision to run to grow closer to some people and, ultimately, closer to Him. Now that is TRUE LOVE. I'll take it. Thanks, Jesus. See you on the trails, if not before.

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