Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running on Vacation

I went to Dallas, or I should say Rockwall on a mini vacay this weekend. So there is a lot to fill you in on. Let's start with this: The Backbend Come Up by Logan

And I got it on video. But Blogger refuses to upload video. (I will work on this.)

Pretty awesome. This was post run fun after Logan, Lindsay and I killed ourselves with this run at 5:30 yesterday afternoon in the 100 degree heat.

We made it, and I'm not sure how. Out of pure will and hatred. But it is done. So I think we are going to stay with this routine for two weeks or so. We plan on breaking down the last five minutes from hell into a run three, walk one, run two, cooldown five. I think that would make us not want to kill ourselves or each other quite as much.

Good news! It's raining here in Little Rock, the first rain since the monsoon of the spring. It's been so hot and so dry that a little rain is gladly welcomed. Maybe some cool air will come in.

But enough about the weather, here are some of the highlights from Dallas.

I ran to views like this. Horses and cows and green grass. The country in the city. It was beautiful. But I looked like this.
It seems like I will never take a picture that will show that I have hair. It was miserably hot outside. One day it was so hot and windy that it seemed like I wasn't going to get up the hills. It was like a Mack truck was pushing against me. But one good thing is that my calves have started to not hate me as much. The power of moving forward.

I tried to make friends with this cat, Rachel. But she doesn't like anyone. She's got the best face ever.
She looks nice, but don't let those golden eyes deceive you. She will hiss and take some swings at you.

I also spent a lot of time poolside.

The water was luke, and the drinks were cold. It was a much needed vacay.

I'm glad to be back in the city. Big things are happening tonight at my house. Logan is coming over. And she, the roommate and I are making dinner and exchanging gifts.

Why are we exchanging gifts you may wonder? Because it's wedding season. We've attended and bought so many gifts for different people that we decided to take a little bit of our hard earned cash and buy each other a little happy. We only get happy gifts once a month, but we eat together every week. It's going to be an awesome tradition.

We've (the roommate and I) have come up with a name for the dinner and gift nights: NOSH NIGHT!!! Nosh is a synonym for eat. And the roommate came up with a little dance in honor of this special tradition.

I got this dance on video, too. But Blogger refuses to upload it as well. So no video of the roommate in all her jolting dance glory.

BTW we sent the video to Logan at 11:30 the other night, and she opened it at 5:30 the next morning and laughed a lot.

I will post pictures of Nosh Night gifts and eats tomorrow. So stay tuned. I got a feeling it will be too good.

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