Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday, I set three goals. Two of which didn't get done. But one did. And that would be the dreaded original research paper for my historical methods class. Nothing about that sentence sounds fun, and trust me it wasn't. I'm just thrilled that it is actually written.

So basically no packing got done, and I didn't really sleep because my brain would not shut off. How many times do I have to tell myself to go to sleep, and then the next thing I know I'm off thinking about what so-in-so is doing or when I will have time to work on this assignment or what is happening at work this week. The question is how do you tell your brain to shut up? It would be helpful to know the answer...any thoughts?

And the cherry on top of this week's stress is a fever blister. It's still very small right now, but that doesn't mean that my whole face won't swell up later. No kidding, it runs in the family. Sigh. So I'm going to have to nip that in the bud for sure.

So here is what my week looks like as of today:

For school: prepare for oral presentation in media theory class, revise and perfect my research paper to be turned in, and start on a PR Case study for the online class from hell.

For work: take photos, write stories, find statistics, design letter templates, develop newsletter, take more photos, and look for new story ideas

For moving: PACK EVERYTHING that can be packed.

On a lighter note, we will be signing our lease at our new apartment today. We have picked a cable service provider so now I have to set up an account. I have to call Entergy to set up an account. Oh, and pack stuff. It should be totally awesome.

I am still super excited about moving to Little Rock. No more driving. No more fighting commuter traffic and feeling like I've been beaten every morning on the way to work. (I'm basically tired when I get there.) No more missing out on the fun stuff that happens because I live in Conway.

And the moving also means I'm one step closer to being out of school for summer. Deep breath. And go.

Hope you guys have an awesome work week. Got big plans for the weekend? What's going on? Want to come pack a box while I read and type stuff? Maybe?

Until next time...

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