Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh, How I Love the Little Things

Every morning when I get to work, my co-workers and I talk about how hungry we are. This morning was more of the same. Direct quote from Tiffany, my aquarius co-worker sister: "I'm hungry....what sounds good? IHOP...french fries....BLT? I'm just saying."

As she leaves the room to go make copies, she says "When I get back we're going to IHOP!" Like we can just pick up and leave on a lunch break at 8:15 A.M.

While she was having this monologue, I started to get tickled. And she had no idea what I thought was so funny. And to tell you the truth, I have no idea what was so funny. It was just the simplicity of the moment. The fact that everyday we have this conversation.

I have come to the realization that moments like that are what keep me going. My stress level has been outrageous the past couple of weeks. And I'm sorry about that because it means you, as a reader, get the brunt of the stress via word vomit on this blog.

But I've noticed a lot of little things that I would normally overlook, and I've laughed at mundane things or words that would usually have no effect on me.

Por ejemplo, for the past two or three drives to Little Rock I've noticed how BEAUtiful the sky, water, and mountains are when driving over the 430 bridge. Most days I would be concentrated on not having a wreck or keeping my blood pressure in check due to the horrid traffic, which is common of my daily commute.

First, I blame Spring because the trees are all green and pretty. Then, the sun because it shines on the trees and water. And then, Pinnacle Mountain because it is all regal in the early morning sunshine.

It's like an split instant when coming over the bridge that my brain says to self "Hey, would you just look at that. I mean really just look at it. That is so pretty. I am lucky to be here in this moment and see this sight." And then it is back to not having wrecks and not screaming at cars as the slam on their brakes.

Sunshine on the mountain tops and water. So simple. So ordinary since it happens everyday. Yet completely perfect. Makes for a better drive and a better morning.

My favorite thing that happened yesterday was a story my roommate told me about her trip to the bank. So the girl needs new check with our new address on them. What does she do?

She drives through the drive-thru at the bank and says, "So I need to order some checks, but I don't know how to do that. So do I just do that here, or do I need to come in?"

Ladies and gentleman, my roommate in her finest moment. Dead serious. I laughed so hard. She is the only human I know that would go through the drive-thru to get some new checks. Did it work out for her? Yes. Is it still funny? Yes.

This are the kinds of moments I get in the course of the day. Sometimes the moments are big profound Ah-Ha moments. And other times they are joyously funny moments from stories you hear. It's all about what take the stress level down to a manageable level.

Challenge of the day: Take note of one mundane thing that is brought to your attention that normally wouldn't be. Or what one thing made you laugh so hard that you felt instantly better.

It's these moments in life that keep you alive and going. Cherish them for the simple fact that they put things in a perspective that you can understand. It's moments like these that shape you into who you are and show you what you CAN appreciate. It may be a sunrise, or it may be something else. Let the moments wash over you...Trust me, you will like it. Because when they come, it's like a breath of fresh air.

Let me know what moments you find today. I hope they are simple enough, yet have a profound affect on you. Get out there and take it in.

Until next time...

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  1. Ok so you have to show me how to do the reactions post... I totally love it.. Anywho, I love this post! You are so right!