Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Story of JM and Ben

Everyone knows I have a big love for John Mayer and his music. While I haven't ranted about it much on the blog, it is a true statement. I have all the CDs. I know all the words of all the songs. It's called being a true fan.

I got to see him in Memphis last year during Spring Break. Best. Concert. Of. My. Life. Period. He is an amazing performer and musician. But poor guy has a tough time with the ladies, and apparently fellow blogger Ben Davis at Ben Does Life. You should check out what he's doing.

As I was reading my daily blogs, I was drawn into a particular story of Ben's. He claims to have conversed with John Mayer via e-mail/text/Tumblr. When I started reading Ben's post, I was like "No way...This is too crazy to be true."

As I kept reading, it started making sense. The pieces were falling together as Ben was putting them together. He and JM had become fast friends and were planning a meet up. But the story ends like most JM stories. I will let you read it and decide for yourself. Check it out at Ben Does Life.

Do I believe Ben talked to JM? Yes. Am I a little jealous? Definitely. Am I surprise at the ending of Ben and John's story? Not really. JM has a history of doing that.

I hate that JM did that to you, Ben. Cool celeb story. Maybe one day when I see him in concert again, he will be wearing your Do Life shirt.

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