Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is Gonna Be Good...I Can Tell

Yesterday was Spaghetti Tuesday, and let me tell you it was a complete success.

Two long lost friends came to the house to celebrate our arrival to the Big City. Usually on Spaghetti Whatever Day it may be (we don't set a specific day to eat the spaghetti), we just have spaghetti. No salad. No bread. No "beverages." No dessert. It's filler food that we don't need because it's all about the spaghetti. Sound a little crazy? Maybe, but it works for us.

So back to the story. Yesterday two friends came by to join in the spaghetti-eating ritual that takes place once a week at my house. Logan brought Skinny Girl margaritas (YUM), salad and cheesy bread. Zach made a homemade key lime pie. Needlesstosay, it was all delicious. But one thing stood out above the rest.

There was some serious quality friend time happening. And it was too great. We talked about a lot of random things and laughed about all the crazy things the roommate has done throughout her life. I use to think her actions came out of nowhere, but now I know it has taken years of practice to become so gifted in her own ways.

For example, numerous stories were told of her in first grade. One that stands out the most deals with tornadoes, given the fact that Arkansas has been through a lot of those lately.

Apparently when the roommate and Logan were in first grade, there was a tornado that came through Stuttgart. They were at another girl's house whose mom freaked out so much that she made them put their heads under the couch. The roommate was so freaked out by everything that instead of laying with her head under the couch like she was told, she laid next to the couch leaving little to no room for everyone else to put their heads under the couch.

Honestly, I can just see her now doing the same exact thing. She marches to her own beat, which is what makes her so hilarious.

Other stories were told and drinks were sipped. And it was just a great night. I have every hope that this move to Little Rock was the best decision I could have made. I already feel so much happier. Like the zest of life is coming back. With only two more weekends of doing homework, a girl can get pretty excited about the upcoming summer and the good friends to share it with. Here's to the next chapter. Ching. Ching.

Until next time...

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