Monday, April 4, 2011

My Daily Happenings

My stress level has been exceedingly high the past few weeks. I blame this.

Stress-maker number uno: Books for the media theory paper I am trying to write. By trying I mean I wrote six pages and have no idea what I was talking about. So this paper should be interest. You are looking at a total of 20 books: 18 from the UALR library and 2 from a UCA professor trying to help me out.

Stressor numero dos: This is the current state of my kitchen table. Needlesstosay, my 900 sq. ft. box can't take this kind of clutter. And I can't do anything about it until the second paper, a 25-page original research paper is complete Not sure how many books make up the "context" of this paper. But that black portable filing thing is FULL of newspaper article and editorials from June through November of 1966. I'm such a historian.

As of the 23rd of this month, we will be moving. And this is the only box I have packed. I figured I wouldn't be playing Mad Gab until the above items are taken care of. And nobody uses an actual dictionary anymore since came along. There are about 30 empty boxes taking up residence at the box. And I have no time to deal with them.

So there you go. A brief look into my life and today's daily happenings. Tomorrow will be totally different because I have to work. Sigh. Pray that the boxes get packed and the papers get written. Time to hit the books.

Stay classy, bloggies. (Couldn't help it. Anchorman was on last night. LOVE. IT.)

Until next time...

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