Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is This Real Life?

So I moved into my brand new apartment in West Little Rock. And I love it. It is so pretty, and everything I think a home should be. It was a 7 1/2 hour move to the Big City, but it's now over.

I am so happy to live in the city and have all kinds of things to do right out my front door. It took the roommate and I two days to unpack all the boxes. So yesterday was my first day "relaxing" in the box. But technically relaxing didn't happen. So here is the rundown of my day yesterday. I feel like it is worth the read.

So I had scheduled the deliver of my new washer and dryer and AT&T's Uverse to be installed yesterday. They were both suppose to come in the morning time so I could have the afternoon to study and do the homework game.

So at 9 A.M. the beautiful washer and dryer was delivered. BUT...the dryer was missing a four-prong plug-in and the vent hose. Needlesstosay, it's still not in working order. I called the Little Rock Sears only to get the response of "Ma'am, you need to call the Conway Sears where you made the purchase because they will have all your order information in the system."

I think ok. So I call the Conway Sears. Lady was so rude to me. After I explain the situation and tell her I was missing key parts to my dryer, she said, "What do you want me to do about it?" I said, "I want it to be taken care of. I was told in the beginning that everything I needed would be deliver, and it wasn't." She said, "What do you want me to do about?" Basically my brain exploded. She had an attitude, and I wasn't having it. She ended up taking my name and phone number to "look into it" and call me later with some options.

In the meantime, AT&T was suppose to come set up the cable and internet from 11 - 1 yesterday was well. So I did some homework, and when I looked up again it was 1:05 P.M. And there was no sign of the Uverse man. So I call them. After I had been on hold for 15 minutes to talk to a representative, the lady got on the line to tell me something had gone wrong with my order....DUH. I mean come on. Of course somehting was wrong. That was the reason I called to being with.

So she also take my name and number to call me once she gets ahold of someone from another AT&T office to figure it out. I think ok.

So at 2 P.M. I had still not heard from the Sears lady (go figure). I called the Little Rock Sears again to see if there was any way they could help me find the things I need for my dryer. So Vanessa of Sears tells me that my dryer should have come with the vent. Great. She then tells me that it was probably left on the delivery truck. So I ask about the four-prong cord. She said that the Sears on University didn't have any instock, but I could drive to the McCain Sears. I asked if I could pick up the cord and the vent at the same time. She said, "No ma'am, you have to pick up the cord and purchase it because it wasn't on the original order. And we have to deliver the vent because it is a special order item that should have been delivered to begin with."

I swear I thought my brain was going to explode. How does that make sense? It doesn't. I just love the run-around (Sarcastic tone). But the day just seems to get worse.

AT&T doesn't call me back either. So at 4:30 P.M. I've had enough. I call again, and I name drop all the people who have helped me with setting up the account and figuring out what went wrong. To be honest, I felt a little bad for Eric, the guy who answered my call. So Eric figures out that "something went wrong with the account," and he sets up a 30 window for another guy from AT&T to call me to reschedule my set-up.

So I wait for 15 minutes, I wait. Then the phone rings, and it's AT&T. He apologized numerous times and then made me an offer to come anytime today to set up our cable and internet. I told him Tuesday was not good for me since I had to work.

So basically I won't have parts of my dryer, cable or internet until Thursday. AWESOME. I just love it. I love how everything has gone awry.

And to top it all off, I lived through the scariest storm of my life last night. I was home alone posted up in the roommate's bathroom (because it's the closest to the interior walls) hugging the toilet (because they are alway still standing after storms and tornados) praying out loud and listening to my mom spit weather jargon in my ear for an hour. It was terrible. If you want to see how bad, visit www.katv.com/weather for photos of the storms and tornados that passed through Central Arkansas.

Please pray for all the people whose lives were affect by the storms, especially everyone in Faulkner County - Vilonia area - and Garland County - Hot Springs area. And also pray for the entire state because we are about to batten down the hatches for round two of storms and tornadic activities. No me gusta.

Until next time...

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