Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crow Like a Rooster

Today is all about KOL. The roommate is making a little trip to see Kings of Leon this weekend, and I won't be there to attend. Very sad. But the bulk of school is almost over. And once the weekend is over, I think I will have the upper hand in the battle. So no KOL for me.

This post is a medley of KOL songs I am loving right now. I've been listening to them in my car for over a week, and I'm loving "Pyro", "The Immortals", "Pick-up Truck", "The Face" and "Back Down South". I basically love them all, but these are my favorites off their new album.

So here's to the roommate's trip this weekend and KOL for making her trip worthwhile.


"The Immortals"

"Pick-up Truck"

Enjoy the KOL video medley. To all who go this weekend, "crow like a rooster" and sing at the top of your lungs for me. I will be there in spirit.

Until next time...

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  1. love this and ju. Im crowin all day everyday robin. (feeble voice when saying your name, you know)