Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Recently I've been getting the feeling that I am in my life's version of limbo. It just seems like I'm hanging around waiting for my adult life to start and my college life to end.

Now I realize that I am still in school and only working part-time, but grad school is like college on steroids and my job will hopefully turn into my "big girl" job when school is over.

We go through various limbos in life. But this one seems like a pretty significant one. People are starting to wonder...What's gonna happen to her? The thing is that I've passed some of the times in life where "society" thinks should have happened by now.

Case in point: I'm 23 years old. And I currently do not have a boyfriend. Society says "You should have meet that someone in college, and now you should be on the track of engagement, marriage, a two-story house with a white-picket fence and a dog. What's wrong with you?"

Well, (A) nothing is wrong with me, and (B) my guess is that I'm still in limbo. And I feel like I've been in this particular limbo for about 3 years. The first two years not as much (just a recovery period from the Dark Days), but this past year, it feels like I have really jumped head first into my life's limbo. It's strange.

Do I want to meet that special someone? Yes, of course. But do I want to feel forced to conform to what society says a 23-year-old girl should be doing? Not really. I don't want to be feel rushed into something. And the house with the white-picket fence is not ideal for me. My style is much more modern and chic with a lot less of the country house, stay-at-home mom feel.

I am happy right now, but I will be happier once school is no longer putting a damper on my social life and good humor. I'm excited about graduating and starting a career. I'm excited about making it all work on my own.

But the thing about limbo is not knowing. And while it's half the fun, the other half is scary. So this is where I am on this beautiful Tuesday morning. Taking stock of my life in limbo. I'm completely over being in this limbo, but I still think it is necessary for me to really get ahold of myself before I'm released for good into the big wide world. So I'll just keep plodding along in limbo.

If you feel the same way I do, we should talk about it. Nothing is better than getting it out of your head. I would love to talk to you about it. But if you are more of the suffer-in-silence type, then here is my grand adivce:

Limbo doesn't last forever. We all have funks in life where we don't feel like ourselves. But it's just the physical and mental battle of your new self kicking your old self in the butt. It's a reality check. What comes out of limbo is a new person. You may look the same, talk the same, walk the same, but your insides are different and you think different. It's cool. Just go with it. And then rock whatever self come out after limbo. Because you were meant to be that way for a reason.

Hope you guys have a wonderful week. Pray that it doesn't rain Saturday since I will moving to the big city.
Happy Tuesday. Love you. :)

Until next time...


  1. Robin! Im in limbo too but I wont conform! Im happy, Im TRYING to be patient and giving it up to God and waiting for what and who he has for me! love ju and glad we moving to the big city together!


  2. I know that's right Gina. The Big Guy's gonna take care of us.