Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Things

1.  I MOVE IN 5 DAYS! So basically we don't count today because it's already here so it's really 4 days. The packing is coming along thanks to the roommate. She's done a bang-up job putting our belongings in boxes. So much so that last night we got into 16 mini-psuedoarguments over how best to pack up the "junk drawer." She calls it modge podge, and I say hodge podge or junk. No worries. All is well. There is nothing like verbal snaps between friends during a packing session. It makes for a better friendship.

2. My current lack of motivation is a little upsetting. I have had little to no motivation to complete anything. I have started to resent UALR and all that it is. I don't want to do assignments or write papers. I just want to read books I want to read, blog about stuff I like, go to work, hang out with friends and lounge by my soon-to-be new pool. Anyone have any recommendations on how best to tackle my current lack of motivation? Advice is much needed.

3. I've been having weird dreams lately. So weird that I want not to share the details. Usually I'm so tired that I don't dream at all. But the past few nights my imagination has been crazy. I blame school and the lack of a social life. Hopefully, I will get back to the normal no dream status that I usually am. Hopefully.

I'll keep you posted on the upcoming week and all that it has planned for me. And I will be sure to share all that pops up that was unplanned. Have a great week, fellow blog lovers. I'll be seeing ya.

Until next time...


  1. When my motivation is shot, the only thing that gets me going again is brainless physical labor like mowing the yard or a long walk around the block. I find that my head is full of clutter and I just can't think straight anymore. There's something about working up a sweat that clears out the head and lights a fire under me. I'm suddenly ready to hit that project with a vengeance. And I do mean vengeance because it becomes a kind of channeling anger thing. When it's all said and done, it feels SO GREAT to be DONE! You're almost there, Ashten. Eating that elephant... one. bite. at. a. time!

  2. Thanks Ginger. I know you know exactly what I'm talking about. It is so nice to have you and all the other great people in the class. We really keep everyone going. Three weeks, and then it is over. And we can have our lives back.